Vedic Krishi 4 – Sowing Seed (When, Why, How)

वीर्यं वै सूचि यादःवः अन्नेन वर्धते – सतपथ ब्राह्मण Ann (the food) strengthens the energy, speed, sight and semen of

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Vedic Krishi 3 – Importance of Irrigation in Farming (Rain, Well and River)

Irrigation is a very important aspect for farmers to have a good harvest. The farmers were very much dependent on

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Vedic Krishi 2 – Importance of Ploughing in Vedic Krishi

The Vedic period time is said to be pre 3000 B.C. There are many vedic texts which have the content

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Vedic Krishi 1 – Why and how to prepare Soil for Farming

“Akshairya Divyaha Krushimit Krushaswaha”                                

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Government Scheme for development Rainfed Area Organic Farming

It is a Sub Scheme Under National Mission On Sustainable Agriculture The programme aims at increasing productivity mainly of small

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